FLANGE WIZARD Wrap-Around WW-16 Small för 1"-6" rör (30" Längd / 2 5/8" Bredd)

Art: 35171225

The Small Wizard Pipe Wraps are 30”L x 2-5/8” W for pipes 1” to 6” in diameter.

– Screen printed tape measures which limits the need for an extra tape measure
– Circumference & quartering scale
– Wraps are packaged in durable, reusable containers
– Made from a non-asbestos, heat-resistant material
– High density product for heavy duty service at temperatures up to 182°C (360°F)
– Outstanding resistance to oil, gasoline, kerosene, water and sea water
– Thick and straight edges for easier, more accurate marking

243.75  kr inkl. moms 195.00  kr exkl. moms
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